Racing Promotions

NASCAR is becoming one of the most popular spectator sports. Cash in on the sport's popularity and increase your visibility with one of our racing contests. These contests are effective in promoting your brand or organization as well as draw customers to your location.

Checkered Flag Finishers: Challenge your fans to predict the top finishers in a specified race for the grand prize! Predictions can be entered at your location prior to race day, resulting in a great way to drive traffic to your site.

Three-Peat: Ever heard of a "One-hit-wonder"? This contest challenges top drivers to prove they have what it takes to be a winner! If a sponsored driver wins three specified races, CGA rewards both the driver and a randomly selected fan!

Incentive Programs: An incentive program is ideal for brand companies looking for a way to inspire professional drivers without increasing the payroll. CGA will guarantee your bonus plan allowing you to celebrate when your driver succeeds!

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